An Introduction to Death Midwifery


If someone you love had to face death tomorrow, would you be ready? Are you emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared to support them?

Using ceremony, reflection, meditation, and experiential activities, this deeply experiential workshop will help you:

• Explore what it means to live with death on your shoulder
• Develop internal resources to ease your own relationship with death
• Learn practices to help others navigate the end of life with grace

This workshop will prepare to meet your death with greater consciousness and clarity.

The curriculum draws from ancient wisdom teachings, traditional nature-based spiritual practices, modern consciousness research, and the richness of the human soul. Using ceremony, reflection, meditation, and experiential activities, you’ll shake hands with death, and you’ll develop some internal resources for engaging it with grace.

These teachings are valuable for social workers, therapists, chaplains, celebrants, emerging and established death doulas, as well as family and community members.

March 14, 6:30-8:30pm

Community Meeting Room in Lethbridge Public Library, 810 5 Ave S