Nourishing Your Child’s Brain

Healing Foods to Improve Symptoms of ADHD and Autism

If your child struggles with autism, ADHD or any other brain related disorder you have very likely felt lost and confused. This workshop, using science-based information and real-world implementation, will give you the confidence, inspiration and most importantly the tools you need to start making a real difference for your child. You really do have the power! In this workshop you will learn: The role of blood sugar balance and essential nutrients in promoting optimal brain health. How food intolerances impact behavior. The vital importance of the gut-brain connection and how to use it to your advantage. Healing foods to decrease inflammation and optimize gut function. The reason your child is such a picky eater and what to do about it.

Deborah will demo and sample some simple gut healthy breakfast, snack and dessert ideas you can easily create in your own kitchen to help take your child’s health back. A recipe booklet will be included.


About the Speaker

Deborah Morgan is the founder of Kid’s Health Revolution. Fierce mama bear to one busy little boy who was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition at 2 years old, she was told they would have to learn to live with the condition. Refusing to give up, she used diet and natural approaches to recover her son. Knowing how excruciating and powerless it can feel to watch our kids struggle with chronic illnesses, her quest is to arm parents with the inspiration, education and tools they need to make a real difference for their children. Deborah is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and GAPS certified practitioner.