Barclay Chiropractic

Dr. Lance Barclay, DC

Dr. Barclay has been with us since the beginning and is very passionate, caring and a knowledgeable Doctor of Chiropractic. For more information about the care that he provides go to: or contact Cindy at 403-329-6005 to book an appointment.

Brenda Atkinson, RMT

Brenda joined us in May of 2018 and has the following certificates or training in:
Registered Massage Therapy, Stone Therapy, Reflexology, Bio-Regulatory Medicine, Psychosomatic Energy, Natural Breast Health. She also offer Breast Thermology in Western Canada with Therma-Can Inc. and is happy to have her home base here in Lethbridge for this service.  Call 403-797-0499 to book an appointment.