Barclay Chiropractic

Dr. Lance Barclay, DC

Dr. Barclay has been with us since the beginning and is very passionate, caring and a knowledgeable Doctor of Chiropractic. For more information about the care that he provides go to: or contact Cindy at 403-329-6005 to book an appointment.

Brenda Atkinson


Brenda joined us in May of 2018 and has the following certificates or training in: Registered Massage Therapy, Stone Therapy, Reflexology, Bio-Regulatory Medicine, Psychosomatic Energy, Natural Breast Health. She also offer Breast Thermology in Western Canada with Therma-Can Inc. and is happy to have her home base here in Lethbridge for this service. Call 403-797-0499 to book an appointment.


Winter Box Program

Naturistas partnered with Busy Bea’s Market Garden by being the pickup location for their Winter Box Program. Place your order online with Busy Bea’s and pick up your fresh, organic fruits and vegetables from the convenient location of our store. To sign up for the program, visit Busy Bea’s website and sign up for their biweekly newsletter.

Free Delivery Service!

We offer free delivery on all in-store products (Purchases must be over $100 and within city limits).

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