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Mega Food Men's Multi 55+ 60 tabs

Mega Food Men's Multi 55+ 60 tabs

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  • Free of iron, vitamin K and calcium, nutrients generally recommended for men over 55 to avoid supplementing
  • Key nutrients and protective super foods including tomato, pumpkin seed extract and pomegranate extract to support prostate health
  • Eleuthero root and B vitamins help to sustain energy levels
  • 1000 IU of vitamin D3, magnesium and boron help to maintain already healthy bones

MegaFood Men Over 55 Multivitamin is formulated specifically to support the nutritional needs of men 55 years or older. MegaFood Men Over 55 Multivitamin is an iron, vitamin K, iodine, and calcium free formula.

MegaFood's Men's Health Category offers men a range of age-specific products to suit the nutritional needs and challenges throughout their life. Their whole food multi-vitamin and mineral formulas can be safely combined with any MegaFood product. Choose from their selection - both with or without organic herbs and nourishing concentrated whole foods - to create your own well-rounded whole food supplement program.

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