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Suro Organic Elderberry Syrup 4Kids 118 ml

Suro Organic Elderberry Syrup 4Kids 118 ml

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Formulated by Suro, Organic Elderberry Syrup for kids supports immune health naturally. Elderberry is a natural antioxidant and source of vitamins that can protect the body from free radicals and has also been used in herbal medicinal practices to support cold and flu symptoms. When taken daily during cold and flu season, Elderberry Syrup can help support a healthy immune system to fight off cold and flu symptoms.

Medicinal Ingredients PER Tbsp (15ml):

1:2.77, (1,675 mg) organic Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis); 1:5.08, (28,5 mg) propolis tincture (bee hive); 1:2.14, (100 mg) fresh organic Elderflower.

 Non-medicinal Ingredients: Non-pasteurized organic honey, organic apple cider vinegar.

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