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Warm Buddy

Warm Buddy Ultra Body Wrap

Warm Buddy Ultra Body Wrap

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Warm Buddy Ultra Body Wrap is a multi purpose and highly effective superior moist heat therapy wrap that provides natural relief from aches, chronic pain and stress. It has an exceptionally long heat holding ability. It’s a must have in every household.




  • Provides superior pain relief for a variety of conditions including fibromyalgia, arthritis, and chronic pain
  • Moist and penetrating heat increases circulation and enhances healing
  • Soothing heat aids with relaxation and promotes restful sleep
  • Used and recommended by therapists
  • Easy to Use comforting hot / cold therapy
  • Warm in the microwave
  • Cool in the freezer (in a plastic bag)
  • Natural alternative to medication with no side effects
  • Washable Covers
  • Durable Ultra Soft Covers in designer fabrics

Contents: Milled rice and lavender flowers

Product measurements: 19″ x 9″
Product weight: 3.55 lbs

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